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Soup Kitchen

Helping the Community

The Soup Kitchen:
The Gloucester SDA church Soup Kitchen has been running for 30 years. And over the Covid 19 pandemic have been helping the community by providing essential meals to citizens across the city. 

Providing 3 meals a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday)

SUNDAYS         1PM - 2 PM
TUESDAYS     10AM - 12PM

The Service:
Working with British brands like Tesco, Fareshare, Morrisons and Sainsbury's we collect food which has been given to us and then we provide a pick up point from the church's soup kitchen. Through Fare Share we also have dry goods allowing to provide some food to take home for later and future consumption. People are free to select breads, fresh produce including onions, mushrooms to even tea bags, books and DVDs. sometimes there are coats, all manner of clothing and shoes, as well as, bedding, linen and towels.

There is also a little known service providing small food parcels to the elderly and families with children in the community. 

The Team:
The staff team volunteer with their heart preparing sandwiches, drinks and overseeing the distribution of meals. As well as working with members of the public, listening to their situation and trying to respond. As well as, helping out people filling out forms, letters and emails. The staff team have been dedicating a lot of time and effort to keep providing this essenical service.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays. Our kitchen staff are dedicated to preparing sandwiches and hot/cold drinks. Providing a wide range of foods: Egg, Cheese and Picke, Tuna, Tuna and Sweet Corn, Plain tuna or plain cheese. Aswell as the option of white/brown bead or with/without the crust. The Kitchen staff as well provide snacks which can differ every week from fruits, crisps or cake. 

Lastly on Sundays, the soup Kitchen team serves substancial meals, which normally encompases a full English Roast, fruits, cakes and hot and cold drinks.

Our Donors:
Our donors are responsible for helping us with-in the community by providing key essencial food items these include:

Individual members of the community

Bristol Seventh Day Adventist Church
Swindon Seventh Day Adventist Church
Cheltenham Seventh Day Adventist Church

As well as the Seventh Day Adventist Community & Individual Members we also have bigger well known brands that donate regularly and some that have donated in the recent past or donated one offs. We are very grateful to all sponsors.

Fare Share

Our most amazing sponsors, even though everyone is amazing, are three care homes. We have enjoyed amazing relationships with both homes. And although we should be giving to these amazing people, who have given everything to local communities, they just keep on giving. We are so proud of them and humbled by their favour.

Chapel House Care Centre
Saintbridge House Nursing and Residential Home

We also work with Gloucester Helping Hands, they donate food to us which we can use. Furthermore, we can refer people if they are in need of support and can deliver food parcels to sorounding areas. Helping Hands also has some fantastic links in the community allowing them to be proactive through the the community.

Gloucester Helping Hands

Furthermore, we work with charities like HaVinG, as well to curb the rise of homelessness in and around Gloucester. They do this by fund raising. This is a service which is needed to ensure that all homeless and vulnerable people are both sustained and given skills, knowledge and tools to become resillent as they move on to new pathways for their life's journey.